【CCTV News】Environmental-friendly High Tech Brings More “Cleanness” to The 19th China Hi-Tech Fair

Date: 2019-09-18 16:30:55

Shenzhen Enesoon Science & Technology Co., Ltd introduced their Energy Storage + Complementary Multiple Energy + Smart Energy Systemclean energy cooling and heating station to the 19th China Hi-Tech Fair, and received enormous attention from media and clients.

CCTV Finance Channel and News Channel reported this news story, and interviewed Enesoon Science & Technology Co., Ltd’s chairman of the board Ms Mingli Chen.

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About Enesoon

Enesoon Holding Group Company ("Enesoon") is dedicated to be a professional service provider of clean thermal energy with energy storage technology as core competence. Enesoon is a national high tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, production and sales of integrated thermal energy storage systems. With "Energy storage + Multi-energy complementary + Smart energy" system as the core part, Enesoon can provide customers with full industry chain services including the Hybrid Smart Energy Storage(HSES) system consulting and design, equipment system, operation and maintenance management system and energy interconnection system and etc.



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