Services and Products

Engineering Consulting Services. Enesoon introduces its HSES system and its application to customers, and Enesoon provides engineering consulting and design services to partners and project companies encompassing the feasibility study of having new HSES stations in their areas as well as the design and development of such HSES stations. Enesoon’s engineering consulting services are generally provided during the term from one to three months. Enesoon charges the local partners a one-time consulting fee based on the number of county or district covered in the contract while for services provided to project companies, Enesoon charges a fee generally based on the size of the area the energy station serves. 

Operating and Maintenance (“O&M”) Services. Enesoon provides O&M services for energy stations owned by the project companies. Although these services are only a small part of its overall business, they will become larger as Enesoon builds more and more energy stations and Enesoon continues to operate and maintain these stations under long-term contracts. 

Sales of Products. Enesoon sells proprietary TES materials that Enesoon has developed over the years; and core energy storage equipment, such as self-designed tank, heating device, heat exchanger and corresponding control system, to its customers.