Enesoon believes the following strengths have contributed to its success: 

Growing Legislative Demand for Environmentally-Friendly Renewable Resource Assets 

All of Enesoon’s currently operating projects provide heating and cooling solutions and other thermal energy applications such as industrial steam that are clean, renewable and generally sustainable. Unlike the thermal energy produced by burning fossil fuels, Enesoon’s HSES stations produce energy with no additional emissions. As a result, energy produced from its systems contributes significantly less to global warming and local and regional incidences of acid rain than heat produced by burning fossil fuels. Such clean and sustainable characteristics of the energy Enesoon produces give it a competitive advantage over fossil fuel-based energy generation as China and many other countries increasingly seek to balance environmental concerns with demands for reliable sources of energy. For example, China has rolled out a number of environmental policies and action plans in North China to fight against environmental degradation, including, without limitation, the Action Plan for Comprehensive Control on Air Pollution in Jing-Jin-Ji Areas (2018-2019), Notice on Expanding the Central Government’s Support for the Pilot Program of Clean Heating Cities in the Northern Region, Clean Heating Plan in Winter in Northern Region (2017-2021), and Notice on Issuing the Opinions on the Price Policy of Clean Heating in the Northern Region. 

High Efficiency from Vertical Integration 

Unlike many of its competitors in this industry, Enesoon is a fully-integrated equipment, services and solutions provider. Enesoon designs and develops most of the key equipment it uses in its energy stations – the TES equipment and the TES media. Enesoon’s intimate knowledge of the equipment that Enesoon uses in its operations allows Enesoon to operate and maintain its stations efficiently and to respond to operational issues in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Enesoon also develops its own management systems which are fully integrated with its key equipment to maximize the efficiency and durability of its HSES systems. Enesoon’s management software effectively controls the operation and maintenance of HSES systems, as it controls and optimizes all the processes from energy collection, transition, storage to release. Moreover, given the efficient communications among Enesoon’s subsidiary that designs, procures and assembles the key equipment Enesoon uses in its operations of HSES system, Enesoon is able to quickly and cost effectively identify and repair mechanical issues and to have technical assistance and replacement parts available to its customers as and when needed.