Clean Energy Investment

Shenzhen Enesoon Energy Management Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Enesoon Energy Management Co., Ltd was established in 2019. The company is a comprehensive energy management service provider, with combined cooling heating and power for the southern market as the core. It can provide customers with a whole industry chain service, which includes the Hybrid Smart Energy Storage(HSES) system consulting and design, engineering construction, operation and maintenance management, energy interconnection system, etc.

The company adopts multiple energy, technology and innovation business model, which can provides customers with customized comprehensive energy solutions. It can help clients to reduce energy cost, enhance user experience, and facilitate green development; it also develops professional intelligent operation and maintenance management system for energy and power equipment, offers accurate fault diagnosis and condition-based maintenance service, in order to enhance the stability and safety of energy use for end-users.

Shenzhen Enesoon Energy Management Co., Ltd offers diversified and distributed energy services, to built a multi-energy complementary energy supply system with a integrated terminal. According to customers’ demand of energy use, provides service to meet the end-user’s needs for electricity, heating, cooling, gas and other forms of energy.